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What is AsteriskNOW?

Install Asterisk and start building custom telephony applications with AsteriskNOW.  AsteriskNOW makes it easy to create custom telephony solutions by automatically installing the "plumbing."  It's a complete Linux distribution with Asterisk, the DAHDI driver framework, and, the FreePBX administrative GUI.  Much of the complexity of Asterisk and Linux is handled by the installer, the yum package management utility and the administrative GUI.  With AsteriskNOW, application developers and integrators can concentrate on building solutions, not maintaining the plumbing.

Who is it for?

AsteriskNOW was built for application developers, systems integrators, students, hackers and others who want to create custom solutions with Asterisk.  It is freely available for use at home, at school or at work.

Who Supports AsteriskNOW?

AsteriskNOW users have a few options for support. There is an active community of AsteriskNOW users, integrators and developers who provide community support on the AsteriskNOW forums.

Administrative GUI support is provided by FreePBX.

Digium offers commercial support for the Asterisk and DAHDI components of AsteriskNOW. If your application requires direct manufacturer support, check out the support offerings.

Is there a Quick Start guide available?

Yes!  A Quick Start Guide is available on the Asterisk Wiki.

Can I upgrade my AsteriskNOW?

Yes! Follow our upgrade instructions on the Asterisk Wiki - upgrades page.

What versions are available?

Versions 5.211 and 6.12 are available.
Version 5.211.x allows installation of Asterisk 1.8 or 11.
Version 6.12.x allows installation of Asterisk 11 or 13.

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